Car Care Fragrances - Scott Aromatics
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Car Care Fragrances

That New Car Smell.

Fragrances to freshen-up cars, trucks and commercial automotive vehicles.

Coffee, pets, food, smoke and sweat. A frequently-used vehicle can be a real assault on the nose! Car care fragrances are widely used by drivers to create a more pleasant environment in their vehicle.


Collaborating with car care brands.

We collaborate with automotive care brands to formulate fragrances for use in water-soluble paint care, silicone and wax polishes and cleaners for both internal and external use.

  • Air fresheners and automotive vent perfumes
  • Car & truck shampoos
  • Wash & Wax
  • Glass cleaners and polishes
  • Upholstery protectant
  • Tyre rejuvenator
  • Water repellents
  • Soil repellents

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