Our Story - Scott Aromatics
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Our Story

Our Story

Blending science and creativity to formulate fragrances and aromas for your winning brands.

Over 45 years, Scott Aromatics has established a reputation for creating unique aromatics, flavours and fragrances for our clients.

Dennis Scott, the company’s founder, started the company in 1977 when he moved to Australia from Bristol, UK. A decade later, Rene Scholl joined him as a partner in the firm.

Rene’s background is in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. He served his apprenticeship in chemistry in the epicentre of Swiss/French perfumery in Geneva, Switzerland. It’s through his application of the skills and knowledge he gained over the years that led him to introduce many ground-breaking technical innovations.

Above all, Rene is a problem solver. His determined, ‘can-do’ approach led him to be one of the first in the Australian industry to use GCMS (Gas chromatography-mass spectrometer) technology to reverse engineer fragrances with a high degree of accuracy.

This technology, plus the ‘ancient art of the nose’, enabled Rene and his team to build a vast library of fragrances – and to meet his clients’ needs by creating unique fragrances for use in a myriad of products.

One of Rene’s favourite sayings reflects his strong belief in the value of life-long experience and the importance of continuous learning:

“Remember the old, but know the new”

– Georges Brassens (1921-1981), French poet and singer/songwriter

A family tradition built on strong values and a passion for fragrance.

Rene’s legacy of excellence, innovation and traditional fragrance development skills, has now been passed onto the next generation,

His daughter and current company director Dominique Kencalo-Scholl, has inherited her father’s passion for fragrance and for business. Dominique leads her expert technical team in formulating signature scents for product marketers in Australia and overseas.

Creating tailored fragrance solutions for your winning brands

We first take the time to understand your market and your consumers. We then use our knowledge of the latest trends and our scientific expertise, to create fragrances that will appeal to your target markets.

Our fragrance-matching expertise means we can reproduce and refine any fragrance or aroma a client needs. We partner with product manufacturers to create and make customised solutions in a breadth of product categories, including personal care, household and industrial cleaning products, candles and diffusers, air fresheners and car care.

Our approach is to combine Swiss know-how with an Aussie, “can do” attitude.

To remain competitive, we know that service is everything. That’s why we’re committed to providing our clients with an ethical and reliable service, excellent value, stable pricing, and the best fragrance solutions available on the market.

Stringent quality, safety and environmental standards.

Our modern, well-equipped laboratory and highly trained team of fragrance experts are uncompromising when it comes to quality and safety standards. Our development processes are quality assured, and we source only the highest quality, sustainable ingredients.

Our Promise – ethical, responsive, uncompromising, reliable.

Scott Aromatics is a proud, Australian-owned manufacturer. Our multilingual skills (we have fluent speakers in French, German, Greek, Korean, and Eastern European languages), support our busy export business, where we send fragrances to companies all around the world, including Asia, Africa, North America, the UK, Europe, and New Zealand.

“We’re passionate about playing our part in our clients’ success. For us, it’s all about developing trusted partnerships with our clients. That’s why we’re committed to delivering value and a high-quality product which meets our clients’ specifications, delivering fragrances where and when they need them.”

Dominique Kencalo-Scholl, BSc. MA
Director | Scott Aromatics

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