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The Power of Fragrance

Fragrance has the power to evoke a mood, a memory, an emotion.

The fragrance experts at Scott Aromatics blend science and creativity to formulate fragrances that support your product development and business goals.

Let’s work together to create winning products people desire and remember.

Our Story

Scott Aromatics is an Australian pioneer in the development and manufacture of innovative aromatics, flavours and fragrances for commercial applications.

Our Fragrance Services Include:

Consumer insights and trends

Comprehensive catalogue of natural and synthetic ingredients

Custom-blending to client specifications

Fragrance matching

Research and development

Product testing and reporting, and labelling guidance

Manufacture and export

Responsible sourcing of bulk and specialised ingredients

Our Fragrances

Cleaning Products

The right fragrance can inspire consumer confidence in the effectiveness of your cleaning product brand.

Personal Care

Our fragrance experts work with personal care manufacturers around the world to formulate unique fragrances, helping them connect with their end-users and build strong brands.

Candles & Diffusers

Scented Candles and diffusers are popular and widely used by consumers to create a luxurious, relaxing mood in the home.

Air Freshener

Recreating the natural, woody smell of a forest or the fresh, clean breeze at the ocean’s edge.

Car Care

Car care fragrances are widely used by drivers to create a more pleasant environment in their vehicle.

Odour Masking

When life doesn’t smell so sweet, tailor-made fragrances can help create a more pleasant environment for us all.


Whether it’s creating a ‘burning tyre’ smell at the NASCAR racetrack or a scent to inspire and relax shoppers in your retail store, when it comes to formulating bespoke industrial fragrances, our technical team are both versatile and imaginative.

Essential Oils & Aromatic Chemicals

With thousands of essential oils and aromatic scents to choose from, our experienced technical team will help you select the best ingredients for your products.

Want to create your unique fragrance? Order your sample.