Air Freshener Fragrances - Scott Aromatics
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Air Freshener Fragrances

Smells Like Home.

Creating air freshener fragrances for every room you live in.

Recreating the natural, woody smell of a forest or the fresh, clean breeze at the ocean’s edge. It’s all part of the magic we create with fragrances to suit air freshener products for use at home and in the workplace.

Cleaner, fresher and more pleasant.

Air fresheners are popular with consumers around the world as they eliminate or mask unpleasant odours and create a cleaner, fresher and more pleasant environment.

We’ll work with you to develop custom Air Freshener fragrances.

  • Gel-based air fresheners
  • Plug-in scent and plug-in air fresheners
  • Sprays
  • Water-based scent beads and air fresheners

Want to create your unique fragrance? Order your sample.