Fragrance Match - Scott Aromatics
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Fragrance Match

The Art & Science of Fragrance

The art and science of recreating the fragrances and aromas you need for your winning brands.

Why choose our professional custom fragrance matching services?

We combine Swiss know-how with an Australian “can-do” attitude.

Matching and recreating the perfect fragrance may be a crucial ingredient for your product’s success.

Scott Aromatics is committed to delivering a quality product and outstanding service to help you create successful brands.

Since 1977, our research and development team has matched hundreds of fragrances for customers around the world.

With knowledge gained in the epicentre of Swiss/French perfumery in Geneva, Switzerland, we’ve continued to innovate and invest in our fragrance matching expertise.

Advanced equipment and unequalled technical skill.

We believe our fragrance matching service offers clients something more than other firms. Not only can we analyse individual fragrances and flavours, we also employ the latest Gas chromatography-mass spectrometer (GCMS) equipment to scrutinise fragrances and flavours in existing products.

We have developed a GCMS library over the last 45 years which continues to evolve with new developments in perfumery. This unique and extensive library allows us to have unique and rare insights into the inner workings of your fragrance.

This advanced fragrance matching technology, combined with our analytical chemical expertise, means we can extract, analyse and replicate a fragrance with a high degree of accuracy.

Custom solutions that deliver excellent value and a reliable supply.

Having refined our fragrance matching process over many years, we’re now one of Australia’s leading suppliers of cost-effective custom fragrances. So, if you’re seeking to recreate a product fragrance from one product and use it in a completely different application, we can help.

A competitive edge on pricing.

Our long association with local and international material suppliers not only means we can guarantee a reliable supply of quality ingredients, it also gives us a competitive edge on pricing – which we pass onto our customers.

Want to create your unique fragrance? Order your sample.